Colorado's Gov. John Hickenlooper supports the development of Pathways Village Apartments in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Pathways Village symbolizes hope, housing and help for the homeless.


Over the years, homelessness in Grand Junction, Colorado has been a growing issue of concern. You will find most of Grand Junction's homeless population gathered in Whitman Park, known as the "homeless park." Many of the transients face major life challenges to live with stability and dignity; and at night, you can find many scattered throughout the community looking for a place to sleep.

The construction of Pathways Village symbolizes hope, housing and help for the homeless. The 40-unit, new construction development will include: appliances, computer lab, community room, in-unit washer and dryers, Internet and a library. On-site supportive services will be provided by Hilltop Community Resources. The project is expected to be completed by May 2016.

Residents will pay a maximum of 30% of their income in rent, creating opportunity for residents to have more disposable income to patronize local businesses.

The development of Pathways Village will generate an estimated $11 million in economic impact and support 53 jobs.



More than just a housing complex.


Pathways Village is more than just a housing complex – it's home, and any good home comes with amenities that keep living simple.



In-Unit Washer and Dryer

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Community Room





Computer Lab